License agreement
1. The app is a mean of communication and we don’t assume the content that is sent and received.
2. Not to be used in commercial purposes, it’s purpose is recreational, we are not responsible for eventual inconveniences or financial damages generated by its use.
3. The app does not communicate with conventional CB Radios.
4. It runs only on compatible Android devices when it has an active internet connection and operational GPS.
5. We are not responsible for eventual costs generated by internet traffic.
6. The app DOESN’T TRANSMIT or RECEIVES messages IN REAL TIME. Communication is made with delay, depending on various parameters.
7. In some conditions messages can be lost.
8. The developer can stop the use of the program at any time.
9. Any user, if he is in the listening area of another user, can be listened by any other user without any approval or notification. We can’t choose who is listening. All message are considered broadcasted publicly.
10. Any user assumes the possibility that another user can block him and so he won’t be listened.
11. It’s not accepted any broadcasting of advertises in the audio messages, by individuals or by companies.
12. The only advertises accepted are those contracted by the developer/owner.
13. The app is property of S.C. ECO DESIGN S.R.L., SUCEAVA, ROMANIA, E.U.
14. The copy, the reproduction, the modification or the use of it by other companies is strictly forbidden.
15. We are not responsible for any bugs (programming errors, or compatibility errors, they may exist)
16. The update is obligatory, the developer has the right to block the use of older versions.
17. The above terms of license agreement are not negotiable.
18. User data are handled according to international laws.
19. The developer / administrator has the right to communicate with the user through the declared email. By introducing your email address you accept to receive Site Notification Emails (account activation, confirmation of account activation, recover password conformation, password changed notification, etc..).
20. If the administrator of the app observes usage that it considers it inappropriate (swearing, aggressive attitude, threats, racism, fake traffic information, etc…) he can limit the access to the app, delete the account or take any measure is necessary to avoid such future usage.
21. The administrator / the developer can delete or block accounts or block the access to the app by using the IMEI of the device, or take any measures, at anytime, without any notification.
22. The users have the right to use it only by respecting the above terms.
23. Any differences will be solved in the courts closer to the above company’s head quarters.
24. Collecting, processing and archiving data is made according to Privacy Policy. Privacy Policy can be found on our website