Welcome to our application webpage! We hope you will find it interesting, useful and easy to use. Our goal is to create an application through which all drivers, will able to communicate between them, almost like they do using CB’s, but without bearing CB’s inconveniences. What are we referring to? Easy: An CB Radio first of all we have to buy it, it cost money, if we don’t use it daily, probably it doesn’t worth to pay, close to 100$ minimum (for the radio, antenna and for the proper calibration), for something that, for that kind of money, will function like something cheap. Another inconvenience is that each time we assembly, disassembly the antenna, we risk scratching the paint of our car because of the magnet.  We know that many people don’t care about that, but for sure is a minus. If we have more than one car, each time we switch between, the hole installation must be moved. Those that have a CB Radio knows the procedure, it take few minutes and, most of the times, we don’t do it anymore. It’s also quite frustrating to have cables inside the car, that can be found: close to the doors (we are referring to the cable that goes out of the car to the antenna), on the dash (the microphone) and others that go inside the radio itself (power cable…). Another negative aspect is the noise that an normal CB Radio makes. Many people prefer to give up than have to listen to parasites all the way. Our program has almost none of those disadvantages.

            Our app uses any compatible Android device that has operational GPS and that is connected to the internet.  We hope as soon as possible to finalize the IOS version, and if these two platforms successful then we will develop a version for Windows mobile devices. Don’t worry, internet consumption is reduced. Of course, internet consumption stress is depending also on the amount of voice messages, but we consider (this is relative) that even an “busy” user, has nothing to fear. Especially because the internet traffic appears on the user interface, so, if somebody has limited internet access, can stop at any time (for automatic limitations, go to device settings, so the device can cut automatically the internet connection to a predefined limit or you can use apps like WatchDog that can do the same thing). During our tests, after an quite intense use, for almost 30 minutes, we used about 3 – 4 Mb, approximately 2 times less than a single video on YouTube. 

            That means that on a 2 hour drive by car, taking in consideration the above information, we will probably use somewhere between 12 – 16 Mb, the equivalent of 2 video clips. We repeat, the internet traffic is relative and it depends on the amount of messages, their length and the interrogation frequency of the server, option that it can be modified from the app settings.

            In its essence, the app, imitates the behavior of an CB Radio, but it DOES NOT communicate with classic CB Radios. What we mean by imitating? Easy! The app. even in background, when it receives an audio message, it will reproduce it immediately (you don’t have to press a play button). But even better, in case you were not listening, there was noise around you, or the volume was too low, things that happen often when you use a classic CB, the app gives you the possibility to replay any of the last 5 messages you received. Attention, with the exception of those last 5 messages, the app does not save either the historic or the conversations, we repeat, it retains only the last current 5 messages (On the server some data are saved according to Privacy Policy). Instantly, when the device receives an new message, the app will automatically delete definitively the older one (messages have a minimum length of one second and a maximum of 15 seconds).

            Another advantage is the fact that if an user start swearing and we don’t want to listen to him anymore, we can make a long press on his message, and after approximately one second we block the user for the next 10 minutes. This way we can block occasional DJs :), or if we have children in our vehicle we can protect them from the occasional big mouths users. The app will play the messages that are in a virtual square that has its sides at a preset distance from the users GPS location, the rest of the messages will be ignored and they won’t even reach your mobile device. The above preset distance will be an adjustable setting, so the user can set it accordingly to his preferences. The user can actually adjust the quantity of message he receives. Attention! You can only influence the distance of messages YOU will receive. You CAN’T influence the distance that others will listen to you. So each user will set individually how far he is listen messages from. We give the possibility for all to listen almost as far as they want (of course that this is limited by the maximum setting).

            One disadvantage of our app is the latency the messages are received. That latency depends on the frequency of communicating (interrogation) with the server (an option that is adjustable from the settings), on the speed of the internet connectivity and not so much but also by the traffic on the server. The app cannot be used there were quick reactions are needed (ex: for guiding somebody that is parking a car), the seconds that pass by from the recording to the play of the message don’t make possible a real time communication. In case that there are more than 5 messages from an interrogation to the next, exactly like it happens on an CB Radio when more than one person talks in the same time, some messages can be lost. This case is relatively rare. At a 15 sec. interrogation, practically we can have 20 messages/minute. Over the CB Radio we can only listen to the one with the strongest signal (or its from somebody very close to us or from the one that has the most performing equipment). If we will set the interval at 10 seconds, we can have 30 messages/minute. We consider it’s sufficient.

            Who is paying? Correct! In our days we should know always who is paying the costs, because there are costs for sure. On our behalf, don’t consider only the costs of developing the app, there are also current costs, generated by maintenance of the server, the cost of the internet that the server uses for communicating with your devices, also the cost of the programmers that permanently try to improve the app. So who is paying? We try to make it so that you will pay nothing at all. In what it concerns us, for you, the app is given freely. We are trying to cover our cost by presenting you two adds, possibly identical. One will appear at the opening of the app and the other at exit. If the app runs in background and we bring it in front, adds don’t appear. So one add at opening, eventually with sound, for few seconds and another one at exit, hopefully few hours later. We consider it’s not much. Attention! The access of your device to the internet, when that is provided by your mobile phone company, it will cost you depending on the company and the cost agreement you have chosen and signet with them. We hope that those costs are in the worse case acceptable, if not insignificant!

            The truth is that if we won’t form a numerous community of active users (a Traffic Community)  we won’t make it! So, we ask you to let the app run in background while you are in traffic, even if you don’t get messages from other users, then, when somebody else will talk and eventually nobody answers, maybe you will signal your online presence. Don’t worry, your phone will function absolutely normal and also don’t forget that if there are no conversations, there is almost no internet traffic. Each interrogation of the server is almost 1 Kilobyte (download and upload). 12 hours in background, with no conversations will consume an maximum of 3 Mb internet traffic. If we drive 6 hours per day, we will use a maxim of 1.5 Mb on a day. It’s not much. You don’t even have to close the app when you enter a building. If you don’t close it, then you don’t have to open it, so ….. no adds appear. If in that building you lose your GPS signal, you won’t receive any messages, you re-enter in the “game” when you are back in traffic and the mobile device can re establish its GPS position. Maybe we repeat our selves, but the app does not work, in the sense of not receiving and not sending messages if it does not have any of the two: GPS signal and an internet connection.

            We consider this app to be useful, even necessary. Beyond of its classical use of signalizing traffic, controls on the road, you can ask for directions, or ask for help, it can also provide you company on a long and lonely road!


So don’t forget:

            – NO WIRES



            – ALWAYS ON YOU, HANDY